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Janet believes health care is a right, not a privilege. She will take on insurance and pharmaceutical companies and fight to put patients ahead of corporate profits and guarantee high-quality, affordable healthcare for all.
She will take on the insurance lobby to protect coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions, stop double digit premium increases, and rein in out-of-control prescription drug costs.


As a school board member who fought to deliver property tax relief for local families, Janet knows we need to fundamentally reform the broken property tax system that slams families with higher taxes every year. She will fight for new funding for local schools to ease the burden on local property taxpayers, and go further by creating an annual property tax rebate for local families.


Janet believes we have a moral obligation to future generations to do our part in averting global climate disaster. She will work to provide more state-level incentives for businesses, individuals, and municipalities to go green, while moving more of our state resources--buildings, cars--in the same direction. She will also work to invest in green jobs and green technology that will not only have a positive impact on our environment, but create good-paying jobs in economies of the future.


As a wife and working mother, Janet knows women deserve better than extreme politicians who put women’s health and rights at risk. She will fight to protect funding for Planned Parenthood, demand equal pay for equal work, and defend a woman’s right to choose - no matter what extreme Washington politicians do.
She will demand funding needed to test every rape kit and clear the backlog that has allowed violent predators to escape justice and to invest in domestic violence shelters and in mental and physical healthcare for survivors.


The same big banks that pocketed billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded bailouts are now locking Illinois students into a lifetime of college debt. As a working mother and volunteer on her local school board, Janet knows it’s time Washington politicians stop bailing out Wall Street and start providing real relief to those who need it most. As representative, she will fight for affordable education for students in our public colleges, universities, and trade schools.


Janet isn’t a politician. She’s a working mother and business leader who's held accountable for delivering results. She is outraged by the crooked self-dealing behavior of politicians who put their own interests ahead of their constituents. She will fight to strengthen criminal penalties on politicians who commit egregious acts of misconduct, strip pensions from any politician charged with a felony, and crack down on insider lobbyists who make millions trying to influence government and rig the system for the wealthy and well connected.

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